I squeezed out of the crowd and jumped off the bus as fast as I could. I landed on the hard ground and virtually strained my back. I could hear the yells of the other passengers behind me telling me to watch where I was going, and some other dirty words in the local dialect. I didn’t care. I was supposed to meet her ten minutes ago, and I didn’t need any more stress. I was usually punctual. I didn’t know what was wrong with me today. I probably shouldn’t have wasted so much time picking out clothes to wear. “Stupid, stupid!” I murmured as I ran up the steps.

We’re supposed to meet in the middle of the square and then bring her to a chamber concert by a leading orchestra. I hope she’s still there. Please! Please! Let her still be there, I thought to myself. I am beginning to get frantic. Should I have brought a bunch of flowers? No, that’s too awkward. Why am I wearing this shirt? I look like a complete idiot. God, why am I so stupid? I began to near our meeting place. Just up a few more steps. A man carrying a suitcase yelled in anger as I pushed him aside.

“Watch where you’re going as…” “Sorry! I’m in a rush!” I yelled back.

Almost there just a few more steps. I hope. I hope. Yes! I could see her waiting there. Made it at last.

“Hi!” I said slightly out of breath. I could feel a stream of sweat go down my cheek. “You’re late. Too late for the concert.” She said giving me a slightly annoyed smile. “I’m sorry… It’s just that…” I tried to explain, but she cut me off. “Don’t worry about it… Forget about the concert.” She said as she moved closer to me. She embraced me, and for that brief moment it was like she was the only one in the square with me. It was like a dream. The whole world went silent, and the only thing I could feel was her warmth. “Well let’s get going.” She said as she moved away from me. “Where to then?” I asked… I could still taste her on my lips. “Oh… It doesn’t matter, let’s just walk.” “Alright let’s walk.” We walked off holding each other closely.

Then he awoke. The sunlight streaming into his room blinded him for a few seconds. He slowly sat up and lingered there a minute longer trying to remember everything he had just dreamt. “Someday…”, He whispered to himself as he slowly walked towards the bathroom, half naked.

Then she awoke. She slowly got out of her bed and stepped onto the cool carpet. She stood there just a while longer trying to remember everything she had just dreamt. “Someday…” She whispered to herself as she slowly walked towards the toilet.