Aesop and the Wrestler(摔跤手)

Aesop was talking to the winner of a Greek(希腊) wrestling competition.“Congratulations(祝贺) on your win!” he said.
“Tell me, were you smaller and weaker than your opponent(对手)?
“What do you mean?” said the wrestler(摔跤手), angrily.
“I am the biggest and strongest wrestler(摔跤手) in the whole of Greece(希腊)!
“In that case, I don’t think you deserve(应得) much praise after all,” said Aesop.
“It is easy to win when you are bigger and stronger. If your opponent(对手) had been bigger and stronger that you, and you had still won, then I would really have been impressed(印象深刻的).
MORAL:Don’t be proud of your natural abilities: be proud of what you do with them.