The Ant and the Caterpillar(毛虫)

An ant running about in the sunshine looking for food met a caterpillar(毛虫) that was almost at its time of change, and had already wrapped(包裹) a hard shell(外壳) about itself.

The ant only noticed that the caterpillar(毛虫) was even alive because of a tiny movement of its tail.

“Oh, what an unhappy animal you are!” said the ant.

“I can climb up to the top of the tallest tree, but you can hardly even move!”

The caterpillar(毛虫) heard all this, but did not reply.

A few days later, when the ant passed by again, only the shell(外壳) was left.

As he wondered what had happened, he felt himself in the shade(阴影).

He looked up and felt himself fanned by the wings of a beautiful butterfly(蝴蝶).

“Look at me now,” said the butterfly(蝴蝶), “the one you felt so sorry for! Tell me now what a good runner and climber you are—if you can keep up with me!”

The the butterfly(蝴蝶) flew up into the air, carried high and far on the summer winds, and was never seen by the ant again.

MORAL: Do not judge(评价) by appearances.