The Bee(蜜蜂) and Zeus

A queen bee(蜜蜂) flew up to heaven(天国) to give Zeus some fresh honey(蜂蜜).

Zeus, happy with the gift, promised to give her whatever she should ask for.

She said, “Give me a sting((昆虫的)刺), so if any man tries to take my honey(蜂蜜), I can hurt him.”

Zeus was very unhappy, as he loved men, but could not refuse because of his promise.

He then answered the bee(蜜蜂), “You shall have your sting((昆虫的)刺), but it will cost you your own life. If you use your sting((昆虫的)刺), it will stay in their body, and you will die from the loss of it.”

MORAL: By hurting others, we often hurt ourselves.