The Bees(蜜蜂) and the Beekeeper(养蜂人)

A thief(小偷) got into a beekeeper(养蜂人)’s property when its owner was away and stole all the honey(蜂蜜).

When the owner came back and saw that the honey(蜂蜜) was gone, he stood there thinking about what had happened.

The bees(蜜蜂) then came back to their home and when they found the beekeeper(养蜂人) there, they attacked him fiercely(猛烈地) with their stings((昆虫的)刺).

The beekeeper(养蜂人) said to the bees(蜜蜂), “You stupid creatures(生物)! You let the man who stole your honey(蜂蜜) get away unpunished(未受处罚的), while you direct your anger at me, the person who takes care of you and tries to protect you!”

MORAL: People often blame(把……归咎于) their misfortunes(不幸) on their friends, rather than their enemies.