The Cat and the Mice

A house was full of mice.

A cat went into the house and began to catch and eat them one by one.

The mice then hid away(躲藏) in their holes.

The cat couldn’t catch them anymore, so she thought of a way to get them to come out. To do this she pretended(假装) to be dead.

When the mice came near, she jumped up and caught many of them.

Pleased with the success of this, she tried another plan.

She covered herself with flour(面粉), and lay on some flour(面粉) bags, as if she were one of them.

The young mice got close to her, but an old mouse said, “I have seen many bags in my day, but never one with a cat’s head. Even if you turn into a real flour(面粉) bag, I will not come near you.”

MORAL: Don’t be tricked(欺骗) twice by the same person.