The Cat-Maiden(少女)

The gods were once arguing whether it was possible for a living thing to change its nature.

Zeus said, “Yes,” but Aphrodite said, “No.”

So, to test this, Zeus turned a cat into a girl, and gave her to a young man for a wife.

The wedding happened and the young couple sat down to the wedding meal.

“See,” said Zeus, to Aphrodite, “how well she behaves(表现). Who could tell that yesterday she was a cat? Surely her nature is changed?”

“Wait a minute,” replied Aphrodite, and let a mouse loose(释放) into the room.

When the bride(新娘) saw this, she jumped up and tried to catch the mouse.

“Ah, you see,” said Aphrodite, “true nature will come out.”

MORAL: Try as you may, it is impossible to deny(否认) your nature.