The Dancing Monkeys

A king had some monkeys trained to dance.

Since they were already used to copying men’s actions, they learned very quickly, and when dressed in their rich clothes and masks(面具), they dances as well as anyone in the King’s palace.

They danced for many nights and everybody loved their dance.

Then someone, for a joke, took from his pocket a handfull of(少量) nuts(坚果) and threw them upon the stage.

At the sight of the nuts(坚果), the monkeys forgot their dancing and became(as indeed they were) monkeys instead of actors.

Pulling off(取下) their masks(面具) and tearing off(撕下) their clothes, they fought with one another for the nuts(坚果).

The show thus came to an end(结束), with the audience(观众) laughing loudly at(嘲笑) the monkeys.

MORAL: You can’t hide your true nature forever(永远).