The Deer(鹿) and the Vine(藤蔓)

A deer(鹿), being chased(追捕) by hunters(猎人), hid himself behind the large leaves of a vine(藤蔓).

The hunters(猎人) passed by(经过) without noticing him.

Thinking that the danger had passed, the deer(鹿) began to eat the leaves of the vine(藤蔓).

One of the hunters(猎人) heard this and looked back.

He saw the deer(鹿) and then shot him.

The deer(鹿), close to death, said, “I deserve(应得) this. I shouldn’t have treated the vine(藤蔓) that saved me this way.”

MORAL: The ungrateful(忘恩负义) will not be helped a second time.