The Dog, the Rooster(公鸡), and the Fox(狐狸)

A dog and a rooster(公鸡) became great friends, and agreed to travel together.

At sunset(日落), the rooster(公鸡) flew up into a tree to sleep, while the dog lay down in a hole in the tree.

The next morning, the rooster(公鸡) woke up(醒来), and as usual, started to crow(打鸣).

A fox(狐狸) heard this, and wishing to make breakfast of him, came and stood under the tree and told him to come down.

“I would like,” he said, “to make friends with someone who has such a beautiful voice.”

The rooster(公鸡) replied, “Would you just wake up(唤醒) my friends who is sleeping at the bottom of the tree? He’ll open the door and let you in.”

The fox(狐狸) knocked on the tree, and the dog came out and tore him apart(扯开).

MORAL: He who lays traps(圈套) for others is often caught by them himself.