The Donkey(驴) and the Dog

A man had a donkey(驴) and a very beautiful dog.

The donkey(驴) lived outside the house, but had plenty to eat.

The dog was his master(主人)’s favorite, and often played with him.

The donkey(驴) worked hard on the farm, carrying wood from the forest.

He often compared his life with that of the dog, who lived an easy life in the house with his master(主人).

One day he ran into the house.

He tried to jump up to his master(主人) as he had seen the dog do, but he broke the table and all the dishes.

He then tried to lick(舔) his master(主人) and jumped on his back.

The farm workers quickly came back and beat the donkey(驴) out of the house.

The donkey(驴) thought to himself, “It’s all my fault(错误)! Why couldn’t I just be happy with my life?”

MORAL: Be satisfied with what you have.