The Donkey(驴) in the Lion’s Skin

A donkey(驴) put on a lion’s skin to scare(吓唬) all the animals he met in the forest.

Then he went about frightening(吓唬) every one he met, for they all thought he was a lion, and ran away when they saw him coming.

Happy with the success of his trick(诡计), he loudly brayed(嘶叫) in triumph(得意洋洋地).

At last, meeting a fox(狐狸), he tried to frighten(吓唬) him too.

But when the fox(狐狸) heard the sound of his voice, he said, “I might have been frightened(害怕的) too, if I had not heard your voice.”

MORAL: Don’t take your pretending(伪装) too far, or you’ll be found out.