An Envious(嫉妒的) Man

A poor man was always complaining(抱怨) that he did not have enough good things, and his neighbor had more, even though his neighbor did not deserve(应得) them.

One day he prayed(祈祷) to God to make him rich.

God answered his prayer(祷告) and spoke to him, saying, “Ask for as much as you want, and I will give it to you –but remember, I will also give your neighbor twice as much.”

To test what God had said, the poor man asked for a large sum(一笔款项) of money, which he received–but he also saw that his neighbor received twice as much.

He became so angry that he asked God to make him blind in one eye, so that he could have the pleasure of seeing his neighbor become totally blind.

MORAL: If you want to be happy, don’t compare yourself with others.