The Farmer and the Donkey(驴)

An old farmer was sitting in a field watching his donkey(驴), when all of a sudden he caught sight of(看见) some soldiers(士兵) moving towards them.

He jumped up in a moment, and asked the donkey(驴) to escape(逃跑) with him as fast as he could, “Or else,” said he, “we shall both be captured(被俘虏) by the enemy.”

But the donkey(驴) just looked round lazily and said, “And if so, do you think they’ll make me carry heavier loads(负载物) than I have to now?”

“No,” said his master(主人). “Oh, well, then,” said the donkey(驴), “I don’t mind if they do take me, for I shan’t be any worse off.”

MORAL: The poor may not fear a change of masters(主人) in the way that the rich do.