The Farmer and the Goats(山羊)

It was a stormy day, and the snow was falling fast.

A farmer led his goats(山羊), all white with snow, into a cave(洞穴) for shelter(避难).

There, he found a group of wild goats(山羊), more in number and larger than his own.

At the end of the day he drove both the wild goats(山羊) and his own goats(山羊) home and put them all into the pen(羊圈) together.

Next day the weather was so bad that he could not take them out as usual: so he kept them at home in the farmyard(农场), and fed(喂养) them there.

He only gave his own goats(山羊) enough food to keep them from(避免) starving(挨饿), but he gave the wild goats(山羊) as much as they could eat and more; for he was very anxious(渴望的) for them to stay, and he thought that if he fed(喂养) them well they wouldn’t want to leave him.

When the weather got better, he took them all out to fields again; but when they got near the hills, the wild goats(山羊) ran off.

The farmer was very angry at this, and said, “How can you run away like that after the way I’ve treated you!”

Hearing this, one of them turned round and said, “Oh, yes, you treated us all right–too well, in fact; it was just that fact that got us thinking. If you treat newcomers like ourselves so much better than your own goats(山羊), it’s more than likely that, if another lot of strange goats(山羊) joined yours, you would probably give them our food and we would go hungry.”

MORAL: They who ignore(忽视) their old friends for new ones deserve(应受) to lose both.