Body Language

A: Hi, Jack, what’s wrong? You look so depressed.
B: Don’t mention that. I companied with the manager to visit a client this morning, I feel I behaved terribly.
A: Why? You are so proficient in the business.
B: That’s not the point. Hmm, just as the manager said, I appeared restrained and unnatural.
A: Oh, I see. It seems that you should pay attention to the body language. Maybe some actions you behaved unintentionally made you an immature, inefficient, in competert impression.
B: Is it so serious?
A: Of course, you must kuow that body language is an important part in public relations. It helps us understood well and behave excellently some times.

A When you are talking with others, you are not just using words, but also using body language. It contains facial expression, gesture, eye contact and body touch, etc. In a word, every part of the body for every person can almost convey different information.
B: Wow, it sounds so complicated.
A: It’s not complicated as long as you seize the sincere and kind principle. We just need to give our attention to some details.
B: Could you give me more details?
A: Take the facial expression for example, if you listen to the others with a sincere and friendly smile during conversation, it will make people feel good and more liable to further communication. Some experts have come to a conclusion that keeping a good body language would make you appear more confident and firm in some public occasions, such as giving a speech.
B: Wonderful indeed.