Small Talk

A: How do you like the weather here?
B: It’s a little weird. It’s sunny but quite cold.
A: Yes, it’s the feature of the weather in Beijing. What’s the weather like in your country now?
B: It’s lovely, warm and sunny.
A: That’s wonderful. You know the weather here is rather changeable. May be sunny in the morning, perhaps windy at noon. You can never tell.
B: Wow, it may cause some inconvenience. What the weather is going to be like tomorrow? Have you listened to the radio?
A: The radio said fine and a little cloudy.
B: Not bad. I hope it would stay this way until the end of my visit.

A: What is the most popular sport in China?
B: I think it’s table tennis. It’s nearly our national game.
A: Yes, I think so. Chinese always win in International Competitions, especially in 2008 Olympic Games. I like Zhang Yining and Ma Lin. They play wonderfully.
B: Yes, they rank the best players and very popular.
A: Are you good at playing table tennis, Miss Qin?
B: Not very good. I did play a lot in university, but it’s too busy to play since I work. Do you like it?
A: Yes, I’m interested in it very much. But a lot of practice and skill are needed, and it will take quite a long time to be an expert.
B: Why expert? I think we play it just for fun, that’s enough.
A: Maybe you’re right. How about having a try when we’re free?
B: Sounds great. It’s a long time since I played table tennis last time.