Introducing Oneself

A: Excuse me, are you Mr. Karl in the Forth Import and Export Corporation?
B: Yes.
A: Mr. Karl, please allow me to make a brief introduction of myself. I am from Future Company, I am Zhou Jie, and this is my business card, how do you do?
B: How do you do? But, what can I do for you?
A: We are very interested in the products of your company and are considering importing some to our country.
B: Really? Please come to our meeting room. I guess we may discuss it first.

A: Have we met before?
B: Hmm, no, I don’t think we have.
A: Now let’s acquaint each other. How do you do? My name is Zheng Yu, the dean of Technology Department of Tian Sheng Corporation.
B: How do you do? My name is An Chen, I work in the Planning Department of Yi He Firm.
A: Ah, your department is highly praised in the circle. Your ideas are very novel.
B: Thank you for your compliment.
A: I hope we can cooperate in the future.