Introducing Others

A: Steven, I’d like you to meet Mr. Johnathan Mitchell, sales manager for Northern Reflections of Canada. Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Steven Sun, general manager of Apple Trading, we are Damon and Pythias.
B: It’s very nice to finally meet you, Mr. Mitchell, after so many phone calls and faxes. I’d like you to have my business card.
C: Thanks, Mr. Sun. Please accept mine. And please, call me Johnathan.
A: If you don’t mind, Johnathan, while you and Mr. Sun get acquainted, I’d like to check the arrangements for the meeting. Excuse me for a short while.

A: Good morning, Mr. Edwards. May I introduce you to Mr. Dickens, our manager? He has come to see you.
B: Oh, yes, sure.
A: Mr. Dickens, this is Mr. Edwards, sales manager of NEC. Mr. EdWards, Mr. Dickens is the manager of DOC.
B: How do you do, Mr. Dickens?
C: How do you do, Mr. Edwards? Welcome to Beijing. I hope you’ll have a pleasant stay here.
B: Thank you, Mr. Dickens. I’m very happy to have this chance to visit your company. It was very kind of you to invite me.
C: Not at all. It is my pleasure to invite you to visit our company. And by the way, Mr. Edwards, I’d like you to call me Dick, if you don’t mind.
B: Of course not.