Elevator Etiquette

A: Is the elevator going up?
B: The lift is not working, you can get that lift over there.
A: Oh, thank you.
B: Which floor are you going to?
A: Hmm, I’m not sure. I want to the Market Department.
B: It’s on the fifth floor. (Pressing the button)
A: Oh, thank you. Do you work here?
B: Yes, I’m in the Secretarial Depor tmont. Oh, the 5th floor is arriving.
A: Well, thank you for your help. Good bye.

A: Mr. Jefferson, the elevator is coming, after you.
B: Thank you.
A: The office of General Manager is on the 14th floor.
B: The environment around here is very good.
A: Yes, the whole building is light and airy.
(The lift stops and someone gets into the elevator.)
A: (Asking politely) Which floor do you want to?
C: Oh, please help me press the 9. Thank you.
A: You are welcome.
A: Mr. Jefferson, we are here. Please.