Congratulation and compliment

A: I’ve heard the news that you’ve become the General Manager of the company. Congratulate on the promotion.
B: Thank you.
A: With the position second to chairman, I’m sure you’ll make greater contribution to your company. I sincerely wish you a big success in your new post.
B: Thank you. As a long-term main supplier, our company will render better service to your company. I personally continue to count on your help in the future.
A: Sure, I need your help, too. Best wishes in your new position.

A: Good morning, Mr. Robert. You look energetic today.
B: Really? Thank you. Maybe it owes to the successful holding of this activity.
A: That’s true. We can have a relaxation after along time hard working.
B: Jack, I must say that you did do an excellent planning. It seems that the futural campaigns will depend on you.
A: You are flattering me. It’s just a fresh idea flashing upon me. The main reason is that everyone worked together with one heart.
B: Anyway, I think you are a good colleague with creativity and vigor.
A: It’s very nice of you to say so.