The Invitation of Inspection

A: Good morning, is Mr. Karl in?
B: Yes, what can I do for you?
A: This is Su Xiu from May Trade Company. Our company keeps an account with you this year. Considering the demand of our project, we specially invite your professional consult to carry through an on-the-spot investigation. We would like to negotiate the matters relating to the cooperation.
B: Fine, thank you for your invitation. We are willing to have a further contact with you.
A: We’ll afford the expense and make the arrangements for accommodation. As for the date and the number of this visit, please inform us after you have make a decision.
B: It’s very nice of you. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

A: Good morning, Mrs. Frick. My name is Paul Robert from ABC. I am the Regional Manager for Europe.
B: Good morning, Mr. Robert.
A: Mrs. Frick, as you probably know, we are one of your suppliers of customized software products.
B: Yes. I believe we handle some of your products and your products are really nice.
A: Glad to hear that. I shall be in Shanghai on 18th September and would like to meet you to discuss the business in further detail.
B: Great. It’s important to have the opportunity to meet and exchange views with each other.
A: Good. I will post you my itinerary within the next few days.
B: OK, I hope you a nice journey.