Meeting at the Airport

A: Excuse me. Are you Mr. Karl from Future Company?
B: Yes. Are you Mr. Su from May Trading Company?
A: Yes. How do you do, Mr. Karl? Welcome to Beijing.
B: How do you do, Mr. Su? Thank you for meeting me at the airport!
A: My pleasure. I’m delighted to meet you. Did you have a good trip?
B: On the whole, it’s not too bad.
A: It’s a long flight to China, and I think you must be very tired. Let me help you with your luggage.
B: Thank you very much.
A: You are welcome. Is your luggage all here with you?
B: Yes.
A: The car is in the exit. Please walk this way.

A: Excuse me, but are you Mr. Karl from Future Company?
B: Yes, I am.
A: I’m delighted to meet you, Mr. Karl. And allow me to introduce myself. I’m Li Zhe, the secretary of Mr. Su. Our manager meant to come here to meet you in person, but some other business held him back, so he asked me to come here in his place to pick you up.
B: How do you do, Mr. Li?
A: How do you do, Mr. Karl? How was your flight? Was it comfortable?
B: Oh, not very good, I feel a little tired, because it’s a very long trip.
A: I booked a room for you at the Dark Hotel, single, for a week. Let’s go and check in the hotel. Then you can release yourself there.
B: Thank you very much. Nothing would be more comfortable than having a hot bath first.
A: Just take a rest over here, Mr. Karl. Please give me your luggage check and I’ll get them for you.
B: Thank you, here you are.
A: Mr. Karl, Is that everything?
B: Yes, that’s all. I’m all set. We’d better start for the hotel.