Talking on the Way

A: Get on, please. Mr. Karl.
B: Thank you.
A: Is this your first trip to Beijing?
B: Yes, it’s a long-expected visit. Everything I see here is so striking and fresh.
A: Beijing is very good city, we’ll arrange a series of visiting of visiting for you after the negotiation, I hope you enjoy your stay.
B: I believe I will. How far is it to the hotel?
A: About a forty-minute ride. You might as well take a brief look at the outskirts and the city proper along the way.
B: Look, how many newly-built house are dotted about the fields! Ah, I see a flyover there. I suppose we’ll get into the city center soon.
A: Yes, we are approaching the hotel. I’ll send you to You Yi Hotel, we had a reservation there.

A: Let me put your cases into the boot, and please take your seat.
B: Thanks!
A: Do you feel better now, Mr. Karl?
B: That’s OK. I’ll be all right by tomorrow and ready for business. By the way, how’s business these days?
A: Not bad. But sales are down a little bit due to the financial crisis.
B: I can understand. Do you think it’s a general trend?
A: I am not sure, but I believe things will be improved in our endeavour.
B: So do I. It’s no use wrroying.