Accommodation and Arrangement

A: Here we are at the hotel you’re going to stay, Mr. Karl.
B: It looks very beautiful.
A: It’s one of the best hotels in Beijing. This hotel has very good service. You may use the fitting room, swimming pool, sauna, and the massage parlor in this hotel.
B: Sounds nice, thank you very much.
A: This is your room, How do you like this suit?
B: It’s very good, I’m satisfied with everything.
A: I’m glad you like it. You’ll certainly need a good rest after such a long flight. I’ve arranged your schedule. I hope it’s suitable.
B: No problem. Thank you very much for all the considerate arrangements made for me.

A: Here we are, Mr. Karl. Let me help you with the formalities at the front desk.
B: It’s very nice of you.
A: Mr. Karl, We have a tight schedule for your short stay. I hope you don’t mind.
B: It doesn’t matter.
A: I’ll take you to our head office tomorrow. What time shall I come for you?
B: May be 7:30 a.m. is OK.
A: I’ll be there on time. Please wait in the lobby.
B: OK.
A: Perhaps I should let you rest now. This is my card with my phone number. Please call me if you need anything. Have a good rest.
B: Thank you. See you tomorrow.