Company Profile

A: Can you tell me something about your company?
B: Yes. Our company was set up in 1983 with a capital of 1 million yuan. It’s now one of the biggest domestic trading companies, and we have offices in every major city. The annual output value reached 200 million yuan last year.
A: Great. How many emplayees do you have?
B: There are about 1,500 in the factory and 300 in the office.
A: What is you market share?
B: We now have 30% of the market. We will get more next year as our new production line is put into operation.
A: I heard that you are expanding your plant.
B: Yes, that will help to develop and speed things up.

A: Mr. Karl, let me introduce our company to you.
B: Oh, thank you, that’s what I am interested in.
A: Our three guiding principles are “customer satisfaction, individual’s dignity and shareholders’ value.”
B: They are indeed important.
A: We pay attention to the training of the employees. Our corporate culture and spirit is the most important.
B: Yes, only when they really grasp the essence of the corporate culture and spirit can the new staff fit into the company and do their jobs well.
A: We also emphasize their expertise and practical skills training. In addition, we have made investment to build the “Experience Service Center”. It is an important bridge between our company and our consumers.
B: That’s interesting. Can you detail it?
A: Before answering this question, I’d like to show you a 20-minute film about this. I think it will be useful for me to give you a more clear explanation.