Visiting a Factory

A: Hi, Mr. Karl, welcome to the May Trading Company. How’s everything?
B: Fine. What’s new about you, Mr. Su?
A: Nothing special. Mr. Karl, I’ll show you around the company today. This is the visiting brochure.
B: Where shall we go first?
A: Maybe we could start with the Designing Department, then we could look at the production line. I suggest we start at the beginning of our production line, so you can get a good idea of how things work. After that, I’ll take you to our showroom to explain all the exhibits there.
B: That’s terrific.
A: You’ll have to wear this hard hat during the tour for security.
B: That’s very thoughtful of you.
A: Shall we start on our tour right now? Please come this way.

A: Mr. Karl, on behalf of all our employees, welcome to our company.
B: Thank you. I hope my visit doesn’t cause you too much trouble.
A: Of course not. You’re our expected guest. Which department would you like to visit first?
B: Would it be possible to have a closer look at your Designing Department?
A: OK. This way, please. I’ll show you around the department and explain all the procedures here.
B: Now I know how you did such imaginative designing. Your Designing Department deserves the reputation it enjoys!
A: Thank you. But we still have a long way to go.
B: You are too humble. By the way, may I look at your production line? What kind of quality control do you have?
A: OK, this way please. Mr. Karl, just as you see, all the products need to pass strict inspection before they go out. How about a coffee break?
B: OK, I feel a little tired.