Proposing a Toast

A: Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our party. It is my great pleasure to host this Luncheon in our guests’ honor. Let me propose a toast to our guest! To your health and success in your work.
B: Thank you very much. Cheers!
A: I’d also like to propose a toast to the health of our friends here. Cheers!
C: Cheers! Thank you.
B: Thank you for your hospitality. I look forward to sharing experience and exchanging views with my Chinese colleagues in the coming days.

A: Beloved ladies, gentlemen and friends, friends, first of all, let me be on behalf of our company to extend a warm welcome to the members of the American Delegation who have been invited to this country by this company.
B: Thank you. It is a special honor to me to have a chance to speak on behalf of all the members of our delegation. I would like to express our sincere thanks to president Gao for inviting us, and for all the hard work and thought you have given to the arrangements for our visit. We are so thankful for such a marvelous dinner tonight.
A: We really appreciate Mr. Smith’s effort in coming to Shanghai to talk about the feasibility of a joint venture. We look forward to the success of our mutual collaboration.
B: Well begun is half done, as we say. I hope this visit will pave for further business relations between our two companies.
A: Now, please join me in toasting to the health of Mr. Smith, to everybody else present, to the success of our relationship. Cheers!