A: Mr. Karl, before you leave for America, you still have two days to spare here. Do you have any plans?
B: Oh, yes, I’ve been looking forward to visiting the historic sites in Beijing for a long time.
A: That’s a good idea, there are many places worth visiting in Beijing. If you don’t mind, I could show you some of the sights. Where would you like to go?
B: The Great Wall and the Forbidden City will be my first choice. Hmm, do you have any suggestion? After all, you are familiar with Beijing.
A: Fragrant Hill is famous for its red leaves. Now it’s November. This is the right place to come at this time of the year.
B: Really? Sounds wonderful. What time shall we start?
A: How about leaving at 8:30 tomorrow morning from the hotel. It would take a certain time to get to the Great Wall.
B: OK, I hope that won’t trouble you much.
A: With the greatest pleasure to accompany you. Have a good rest. I’ll pick you up tomorrow.

A: What a beautiful site! Surrounded by mountains, there are nice buildings over there which look old. When were they built?
B: They were built at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, which is in the early years of the fifteenth century.
A: But it’s still in excellent condition, considering that it was built almost 600 years ago. Could I take a few pictures of it? I’m very much interested in picture collecting. I want to keep some pictures of ancient Chinese buildings.
B: Of course, you are welcome to do so. This is a typical Chinese garden, with its arbours, pavilions ancient cypresses and pines, rare flowers, rocks of strange shape and rockeries.
A: Quite charming and peaceful. I can imagine how lovely the place must be with all the chrysanthemums in full bloom. How eager I am to come here again to enjoy the beautiful scenery.