Gifting Guests

A: Mr. Karl, I heard that you like traditional Chinese culture. Before you leave, I’d like to present you with this mural painting. Please accept it as a souvenir of China.
B: Oh, it’s so considerate of you, it’s so marvelous! Thank you very much.
A: I am so glad you like it.
B: It means a lot to me. I’ll keep it carefully to be a token of our friendship.

A: Mr. Karl, I heard you will go back to America.
B: Yes, thank you for you consideration. And thanks for your accompanying these days.
A: You are welcome. This is the gift for you from our general manager Mr. Brandy, please take it.
B: Oh, it’s so kind of you. May I open it now?
A: Please.
B: What a nice bracelet!
A: It’s great that you like it.
B: Then I’ll take it, thanks a lot.