Seeing Off

A: Is there anything I can do for you before you depart?
B: No, thanks. Everything has been prepared. Thank you for all the trouble you have taken. You and the others have been very considerate and helpful.
A: We’ve just done what we should do. When will you set out to the airport tomorrow?
B: My plane is going to take off at 11:30 tomorrow morning.
A: I’ll drive a car to pick you up at 8:00 tomorrow morning, is that all right?
B: OK, thank you very much.

A: OK, Mr. Su. Thank you very much for coming to the airport to see me off.
B: How time flies! I feel you have just come.
A: Yes, I have a very pleasant visit to Beijing. Your hospitality has left a very deep impression on me and your working attitude and your way of doing business have changed my opinions to Chinese people.
B You’re welcome, I’d be glad to. Your visit helps promote the friendship and understanding between us. We are sorry to see you go. You’ll come here again, I hope.
A: I will. I believe there will be more connection between us. Oh, it’s time to board the plane.
B: We must say goodbye. Please take care on your way back. We hope your next visit to China.
A: Thank you.