A: Hello, Business Newspaper.
B: Hello, is that the editor, Mr. White?
A: Yes, please.
B: Mr. White, this is Su Yu from the Daily Life Company. There will be an exhibition on the 16th, I’m calling to invite you to visit it and report it.
A: What’s the theme of this event?
B: It’s about the new high-technology products produced by the major companies.
A: Could you tell me the specific names of the companies and the features of the exhibition.
B: How about sending a document to you to know the details?
A: That’s OK. I’ll call you after we make a plan.

A: Hello, Mr. Brown, this is Su Yu speaking.
B: Hello, Miss Su.
A: Mr. Brown, We’ll arrange a news conference at 3:00 pm next Tuesday to introduce our latest product. We intend to invite some media to make reports. It means a lot to us. We hope to hold it with effect.
B: In that case, you’d better provide detailed materials so that we an schedule a plan.
A: That’s OK.
B: I’ll arrange a senior journalist to the conference. He is experienced in making new product report.
A: That’s very kind of you. Thank you very much. I’ll send an Invitation Card to you.