Entertaining Journalists

A: Mr. Smith, welcome to this exhibition.
B: Miss Su, how do you do? There are a number of people here.
A: Yes, because it’s a very large scale of commercial activity and the executive leaders of the major companies attach great importance to it.
B: I can see that. The facility and design of the exhibition are great. You have done a very good job.
A: We hope this exhibition can offer a comfortable environment to our guests. Mr. Smith, how about having a rest at the restroom first? This way, please.
B: Thank you.

A: Excuse me, are you Miss Su?
B: Yes, I am.
A: I’m the correspondent from the Business Journal, Chen Li. Mr. Brown arranges me to make a report.
B: Nice to meet you. Mr. Brown has told me through the phone. Welcome.
A: Thank you. Nice to meet you, too.
B: Mr. Brown told me that you are experienced in making such reports. I expect your article.
A: You are exaggerating. A good news lies on the good resources. I also look forward to the performance of your new product.
B: I’m sure you’ll see. If you need more information you can ask me.