Day 1

  • cast
  • forecast

The fishermen cast their nets into the sea.
Every year the snake casts off its skin.
The sun cast long shadows across the lawn.
The director cast me as a mad scientist.
This statue of a horse was cast in bronze.

He confidently forecast a big increase in sales.
Do you listen to the weather forecast every morning?

  • visual
  • vision
  • visible
  • invisible
  • insight

The building makes a tremendous visual impact.

She has good vision.
We need a man of vision as leader of the party.
He had a vision of himself as rich businessman.
There was so much traffic that I had visions of missing my plane.

Most stars are not visible to the naked eye.
He showed no visible sign of emotion.

Gerns are invisible to the naked eye.

He’s a writer of great insight.
I hope you have gained some insight into the difficulties we face.

  • aspect
  • prospect
  • prospective
  • outlook
  • spectator

Have you thought about the problem from every aspect?
The house has a southern aspect.
He is a man with a fierce aspect.

She has a bright prospect.
There’s no immediate prospect of peace.
The prospect of the lake is delightful.
Thousands moved to the area to prospect for gold.
I’m meeting a prospective buyer today.
He’s worried about prospective changes in the law.