Communicating after the Press

A: Thank you for your attending, you were hard.
B: You are welcome. This conference is very good. It’s large in the scale and abound in the news value. We believe that the reflection will be overwhelmed when the new product comes into the market.
A: Thank you. It also depends on your support with kind effort. In addition, we arrange a visit acting in coordination with theme of this conference. We hope it could supply an opportunity to on-the-spot investigation, interview and taking photos so that you can get a perceptual knowledge.
B: It is thoughtful of you.
A: Our employee will sort out all the materials about the news conference, and we’ll email that to you.

A: Mr. Zhang, how’s your feeling?
B: Very good. It went through the roof. Your new product is distinctive. I believe it will be a trend in the future.
A: That’s what we expect. Our manager appreciated that you have asked several good questions, which attracted everybody to the key point.
B: That’s because your spokesman is well-trained. By the way, the enterprise philosophy you disclosed in the conference interested me very much, it’s innovative and full of humanity. Maybe we can plan an in-depth reporting on the point? What’s your opinion?
A: Wonderful. We’re so happy to have such an opportunity to advocate our concept. I’ll discuss with the manager and arrange the time for the interview.