A: Hello, this is the journal from Weekend Forum. I read several reports concerning the creative idea of your company management recently. I am very interested so that I wonder if I can interview the person in charge on the phone.
B: Thank you for your attention, but I’m sorry that we don’t accept temporary on-line interview commonly. If you want to gather materials, please offer a copy of written interview outline. We’ll give you a reply after we render to the upper.
A: What precise are your requirements about the outline?
B: You’d better lay out the theme, specific questions, the interview time, form of the interview and your name and background time, etc.
A: I see. I’ll compose it as quickly as possible.
B: Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We’ll call back within the next few days.

A: Good afternoon, thank you for accepting our interview.
B: Good afternoon, I’m glad to share my feelings with you.
A: The Lenovo merger with IBM has just been approved. Does this have a huge impact on your company?
B: Actually, I must admit that it really gives Lenovo a huge competitive advantage. However, I have no concern on this; we have our own superiority.
A: Would you like to give a brief introduction of your recent strategic goal? I think this interests many people.
B: We are considering of a new potential acquisition, but the agenda has not yet been drawn up.
A: Can you give some suggestions to the young generation who are struggling to establish a business?
B: Never give up, abandoning is the biggest failure. Don’t mind what others think . You must be clear what’s your dream and what you really want. Today is cruel, but tomorrow is hopeful.