Attending Exhibits

A: It’s my first visit to the Fair. I’m afraid I don’t know the ABC of things here.
B: Don’t worry about that. If anything confuses you, just tell me. I’ll try my best to make it clear to you.
A: Thank you very much.
B: Will you first go through the products halls?
A: That’s OK. … Wow, I am surprised to find a wide variety of articles. I should say some of them could be a ready market in my country.
B: Very glad to hear that.
A: You see, the purpose of my participation in the Fair is to explore the possibility of the establishing trade relations with your corporation. I would appreciate it, if you could introduce me to some goods.
B: Certainly, that’s part of my job.

A: How do you do? What can I do for you?
B: How do you do? I’m the managing director of TBC Company. I’ve walked around the fair and I’m attracted by your display. You see, my company is building a new office block and I’m interested in obtaining a quotation of furnishing these new offices. Could you let me have some more information on your product lines?
A: Pleased to be of any help to you. Our company specializes in making better quality office furniture and equipment. We also undertake from abroad decoration projects such as installing carpets, electrical equipment, lamp-wares, wall covering, sanitary, etc.
B: Thank you for your information. Could you give me some materials about your corporation?
A: Of course. Here you are. From these publicity brochures, you can get a general idea of our business activities. What’s more, this is our price list; it contains a wide range of price. After you make a decision and let us have your specific inquiries, we’ll make you the offer.
B: OK, then I’ll come over to have another talk with you.
A: You’re always welcome and we assure you of our best service.