A: We’re interested in developing new market. Would you give us some expert opinions about marketing our products in aboard market?
B: Well, there are a lot of ways to push sales aboard, such as in the U.S.,for example, try to make you known by TV ads.
A: I admit that it will leave a deep impression on the audiences’ mind, but it’s too expensive to make TV commercials.
B: TV commercials are fascinating and attractive. The repetition of commercials will help make our products well-known and build strong brand positions, in a new market, such expenses are absolutely necessary.
A: Now, how to?
B: In order to guide your advertising campaigns to success, we should work out a careful plan.
A: Could you put it in detail now?
B: The first thing is what media we should choose and when we should place advertising in the media. We want to use the right media mixture to reach our target market. Very often in a campaign, two or more media are used together. The purpose of our advertising is to draw customer’s interests and keep hold of their attention, so that they may do something in return.
A: Well, it’s worth doing so long as the result is satisfactory. But when shall we take this advertisement?
B: First we’ll do some market research, after that we can give you an advertisement plan.

A: I’m so happy to tell you that the initial results are excellent. We’re getting a lot of orders these days!
B: So our advertisements have been successful. I’m glad to hear that. It seems that we’ve established brand awareness among our target audience at some level.
A: Thank you. So I think I’ll keep on running a good advertising campaign.
B: Yes, indeed.
A: Shall we make a plan for the next period now?
B: Yes, we can use a variety of media for full coverage, for example, TV and magazine advertisement. And we can investigate the advertisement, remember to keep good records of where you are getting orders from, so we can know which advertisements are the most effective.
A: Good point. Please prepare a more detailed proposal, and then I’ll pitch it to the higher-ups.