Sponsored Program

A: Excuse me? Are you Mr. James, the manager of the Nine Sky Cultural Limited Company?
B: Yes, what can I do for you?
A: Nice to meet you. I am Cai Cheng from Jiang yun University. This is my relevant certificate. We’ll launch a series of cultural activities. I come here to solicit a sponsorship.
B: Could you explain the reason why you choose our company to be your sponsor briefly?
A: Because the theme of the cultural activities is in accordance with your market orientation; the spirit conforms to the healthy and upward philosophy you always advocate. In addition, the participants and the audiences are your existing and potential customers.
B: What do we get in return?
A: If we can get your sponsor, the promotion flyers, the banner, the display board and the assembly room will be printed with your logo, it is equivalent to a kind of soft advertisement. We’ll invite one representation as our spokesman and award the prizes.
B: That sounds good. Do you have the written material?
A: Yes, here is the sponsored plan. I hope you can have a look at this given your busy schedule. I believe there is something which can promote the cooperation. Thank you.
B: OK, I’ll study this plan and connect you.

A: Hello, this is Chun Yi Hope Primary School.
B: Hello, this is Champion Sporting Equipment Company. We heard that you are planning to build a new gymnasium for the pupils. Our company is willing to provide the sporting equipments you need for free.
A: Really? It’s so nice of you.
B: You are welcome. We also hope to devote our power to the physical education.
A: I know that the products of your company are of high quality. Your good will not only ease our financial burden but also provide a safe exercising environment for the students. Please accept my sincere gratitude.
B: It’s nothing. How about making an appointment to deliberate over the details?
A: That’s OK.