Committee Activity

A: Excuse me, I am from Mei Tian Firm. We intend to hire your venue next month.
B: Will you tell me what you will do?
A: Sure. We want to hold a community activity, I don’t know what’s funny here, could you introduce for me?
B: There are board games and table tennis which fit for the elder, the basketball room for the youth and the children play center. What’s more, there is a tea shop. You can have a rest and watch some Chinese and foreign films.
A: That’s good. Please help me arrange the time for us and connect me. Thank you.

A: Good morning, are you the chief of the Xi He street committees?
B: Yes, what can I do for you?
A: I’m the vice minister from the Public Relations of Dong Sheng Firm, Zhou Yang. On the tenth anniversary of our company foundation, we intend to develop a fitness program with your committee and invite the people in your community to join in the activities with our employees.
B: That sounds interesting. Please tell us your ideas.
A: Our initial plan is to set up some collective events combined with entertainment and competition, such as tug of war, relay race. It is sure to include some individual events. Our company offers the prizes for the winners.
B: That’s OK. But what can we do?
A: We hope that you can offer the activity ground and mobilize the inhabitants to participate actively.