Market Research

A: Hello, I am the manager from the Planning Department of Nan Shi Enterprise. This time I come here to invite you to make a market research. It is said that you are professional in that.
B: Glad to hear that. Could you tell me the purpose of this research?
A: Our company intends to push a new product to the market, we would like to know the customers’ desire.
B: The pre-production research should be stressed. It is crucial to find out the consumers’ potential necessity.
A: What kind of forms do you usually take?
B: It depends. Generally, we would like to make use of questionnaires, telephone interview and face-to-face interview.
A: OK, this is a copy of material about our company and the new product. I wish you can compose a research plan according to this. Our company attaches importance to this project. Please do it perfectly.
B: You can trust us. We’ll put all of efforts to make it a success.

A: Good morning, sir. I am from Haitian Shanghai Branch. Here’s my card. We are conducting a market survey. We want to know that how many people use our products and how many do not. We also want to know the reasons why they do or do not use our products and the suggestions. The information is used to plan the marketing strategy and remodel the brand.
B: Well, you may come in and be seated please.
A: Thank you.
B: As for the first question, I am afraid I cannot give you a concrete data. But as far as the second question is concerned, I think your price is much higher than those of other competitors.
A: Actually, our product is of superior quality; and we are offering some discounts to a few old models.
B: Yes, I agree that your quality is quite good, but I do not think the price is very reasonable. The potential customers you focus on are mainly people with high salaries. And frankly, your products are out of date in some respects such as the designing and the product configuration.
A: I see. I have written down your opinion and I will report to my company. Thank you for your time and advice. This is the gift we provide every interviewee with, hope you appreciate it.