Superiority of Products

A: Nice to meet you, Mr. Su.
B: Nice to meet you, too. Mr. Karl.
A: I come here today to inquire about the possibility of promoting your products export to USA. Could you introduce your product to me?
B: To improve the working efficiency and lessen the intensity of labor, we have improved our design to conform to the world market. This is our most recently developed product.
A: Would you tell me how your product is better than the competitor’s?
B: Reliability is our strong point. Our product is highly accurate, it’s fully automatic, it has features of high power-saving and safety. What’s more, if you use this machine, it not only saves time but your productivity will increase by 20 percent. I believe you will get your money’s worth in two years.
A: Sounds impressive, how about its quality?
B: Management and quality control of this product conform to the ISO9000, so I guarantee its quality. If you don’t mind, I’ll give you a production demonstration.
A: It is great. Thank you for your introduction.

A: Good morning, Mr. Karl. I’m glad to have the opportunity to recommend to you our goods of this year. Here is a catalogue and a price list.
B: Is there any superiority of your products?
A: Yes, compared with competing products, ours is smaller and lighter, yet it is most advanced, reliable and user-friendly.
B: What about other selling points?
A: It’s excellent for its handiness, elegance and beauty, teenagers would like it.
B: Sounds impressive. How many different models do you offer?
A: Our new products are available in various models and sizes. Please have a look at the catalogue, which shows most of our products. We will not only supply you with the highest quality goods but also provide a good after-sale service. And if you find the quality of our products unsatisfactory, we’re prepared to accept return of the rejected material within a week.
B: That’s impressive. Thank you for your introduction.