Package Aspect

A: Now, shall we talk about the problem on packing, Mr. Su?
B: OK. I wonder if you have any special requirements concerning the packing of the goods you ordered.
A: We hope the packing will be more attractive. You know buyers always pay great attention to packing. The attractive wrapper should help greatly push the goods.
B: I agree with you. Proper packaging is as important as the quality of the product itself. This is the sample of packing, would you like to have a look?
A: Sure, The packing is beautiful and quite well-done. Then, what about the inner package?
B: For the inner packing, we use boxes with designs of the article itself. So when the customers see a box, he will have a clear view of the graceful shape and the color of the article inside the box.
A: That’s good.

A: Could you tell me what kind of packing you plan to use for this consignment of goods?
B: Certainly. We use cartons to wrap and have lined them with plastic sheets from inside. Each item is individually packed in polyethylene. Every two dozens are packed in paper carton.
A: That sounds good. I guess I can rest assured.
B: You can say that. We have always paid particular attention to the safety of packing, we’re got to be extra careful. We don’t want to cause a lot of inconvenience to our customers.
A: I appreciate that. But there is still one last thing I’d like to mention here. Because the goods will be transshipped, I hope each case will be marked with details of weights, symbols of warnings and directions, as well as your own marks.
B: Sure, no problem. Actually, they are not only shock-proof but also damp-proof. We have written on the case warnings like “Use No Hook”, “Keep Dry” and “Do Not Drop”. We hope this has made you double assured.
A: Yes, I think so.