Placing an Order

A: Mr. Su, I’m interested in your products. I’ve looked at your units, and I am very happy with them.
B: I can promise you that, if you buy our products, you will be getting quality.
A: Do you have anything like this in stock?
B: Yes, we have plenty on hand right now. We can supply it right away.
A: What’s the minimum quantity of an order for your goods?
B: Our minimum quantity of an order for this product is 500 pieces.
A: We decide to place a trial order with you. We’ll order 1,000 suits.
B: That’s a good to hear! I’ll have some quotes ready for you by tomorrow morning. We would like to grant an accurate order by adding the sizes on the enclosed form.
A: OK, we will send you an official order in the very near future. We want to ask you to hurry on the execution of the order.
B: I don’t think that will be a problem. Once we get your purchase order, we’ll begin preparing the goods.

A: Mr. Su, we take pleasure in placing an order for you with the following items. We want to order C-30 and G-13 series of this equipment, each for 2,000 units.
B: Mr. Karl, the former series are in stock while the stocks of the latter have been sold out.
A: Could you deliver the latter at the end of this month?
B: I’ll have to check and make sure. You know we have many back orders.
A: Can you recommend other similar ones?
B: Another make G-20 that you saw yesterday is in stock. It is similar in design and quality to G-13, and the price is also the same.
A: Thank you. Well, I’ll take your advice and order C-30 and G-20 for 2,000 each. I’ll fill in my order form.
B: Thank you for your initial order and I expect to have your further orders.
A: We will submit further orders if this one is completed to our satisfaction.