Delivery and Shipping

A: Let’s discuss the delivery date first. Are you able to deliver within one month after receipt of the order?
B: We guarantee delivery within two weeks of receipt of orders.
A: The time of delivery is very important to us. I hope there won’t be any delays.
B: We will make every effort to expedite shipment to meet your requirement in time.
A: I hope you can make prompt delivery. If the goods are not shipped within five weeks after receipt of the order, we’ll cancel the order, and we’ll ask you to pay us for the damage caused by the delay if there is any.
B: I’m sure that shipment will be effected according to the contract stipulation, because it’s also in our interest to have the shipment effected immediately.

A: Could you tell me how you ship the goods?
B: For such a big order, we propose to have the goods dispatched by sea. Transport by sea is the most important mode of transportation in the world today, and it’s usually cheaper than by railway.
A: How long does it usually take you to make delivery?
B: We’ve booked a direct steamer to sail to your port in the middle of next month.
A: In the middle of next month? A lead time of one month is too long for us. You know our order is such a large one that it will tie up our fund. Could you see your way to advance shipment?
B: It’s little difficult. You know getting the goods ready, making out the documents and booking the shipping space, all these take time.
A: I see, but next month is the selling season for this commodity. If we miss the season, it won’t bring profits.
B: Hmm, let me have a think. To make it easier for us to get the goods ready for shipment and to meet your urgent need, maybe the partial shipment will be allowed. We will ship half of your order at the end of this month, what do you think?
A: That’s workable. Thank you.