Welcoming New Comer

A: Welcome to our company! You will be a big asset for our company.
B: Thank you. I have been looking forward to meeting you, Mr. Smith.
A: I would like you to call me George, would you? Everybody calls me George in this company. It makes me feel more comfortable.
B: OK, George. It is my first day at work, and I guess I am a little anxious.
A: Don’t worry. I will give you an orientation.
B: Thank you. I am looking forward to starting work and getting to know each of you.
A: No problem. Now, I will show you to your office and then introduce you to everybody.

A: Hello, everybody, may I have your attention, please? I would like to introduce a new colleague, Miss Li.
B: Good morning. My name is Li Shan. I was hired by the Personnel Department and told to report here to work as a secretary.
A: Miss Li graduated from a famous college and has worked for a few years, she is an experienced secretary. Let’s greet with warm applause.
P: Welcome to our group. We hope you will enjoy working here with us.
B: Thank you. I feel so happy to work here. I hope we’ll get along well.