Designating Work

A: Good morning, Miss Li. This is the first day for you to work here. I hope you’ll like this job.
B: Good morning, Miss Mary. This is the first time for me to do this kind of work. I’ve got a lot to learn from you.
A: Take it easy. I will give you a brief introduction to the office work. The main task is to handle routine business, such as arranging meetings, meeting visitors, seeing visitors off, assigning work, making plans, sorting out the data, collecting information, and so on. All these affairs are very important. I’m sure you’ll adapt quickly to the work here.
B: I hope so. By the way, Miss Mary, could you please tell me what the specific work is for me?
A: Sorry, I can’t tell you now. After you are familiar with all these jobs, we will discuss the problem.
B: That’s OK.
A: If you have something to say about your work while working, please come out. The people here are very kind.
B: All right, thank you.

A: Come here please, Lisa. I’d like to explain the filing system to you.
B: All right, I’m coming.
A: This is your filing cabinet and all the documents must be filed alphabetically.
B: Yes, I understand.
A: And this is a safe. The confidential files are kept in it. You’ll have the key to it. Please keep in mind that you must be very careful with it.
B: Yes, I will.
A: And one more thing, our boss makes a point of keeping everything in order. So you’d better be careful about this and don’t throw things about. Otherwise, he’ll be mad at you.
B: OK, I’ll bear that in mind. Thanks a lot for what you have told me.