Education in Work

A: Recently you’ve done a very good job.
B: Thank you, I’ll keep on. In fact, I still have much to learn.
A: That’s good. The company is discussing an agenda of developing aboard market. You’d better pay attention to the international trend from now on.
B: Yes, sir.
A: You need to improve your English. It’s important in our field.
B: I’ll keep it in my mind.

A: Excuse me, Mr. Smith, have you read the report I gave you? Would you give some directions about the plan of developing the new product in our firm?
B: I have talked over the plan with the assistant managers. In my opinion, developing the new product is potential and will produce great economic benefit. However, the management strategy and the fund accumulation are not very concrete. In addition, something should be done carefully about the market investigation and the sale forecasting.
A: I see. Thank you. Mr. Smith, we’ll correct and prefect the report according to your advice. By the way, Mr. Smith, I’d like to make a suggestion.
B: Please.
A: I have been thinking about this problem for a long time. You know the domestic market is saturated for our products. I’m wondering why not develop a foreign market.
B: I appreciate your talking to me. You know it’s a little difficult to open aboard market for us at this stage. But I’ll give some thought to it. You could collect the information about the development of the product in other companies abroad.
A: Yes.