Senior and Subordinate

A: Miss Li, it has been one month since you came here, what’s your feeling about our company?
B: The colleagues and the uppers are easy-going and we get along well.
A: Do you think what’s the difference between your present job and the former one?
B: What impresses me most here is that everyone is very industrious and friendly, responsible and enterprising.
A: Indeed, that’s why our company is developing fast.
B: Yes, I share the same feeling. That’s why I enjoy working here.
A: On the other hand, it’s only one month, but you are familiar with all the business in our company. Well done.
B: Thank you very much, Mr. Smith. I shall work harder.

A: Have you read my work plan about the new project, sir?
B: Yes, I read it yesterday.
A: Is it what you hoped?
B: Excellent!
A: I hope I’ve mentioned the key points and the possible solutions.
B: I think so. You seem to have covered all the major points. I’ve talked to the general manager about your suggestions. He is very satisfied. You will foot the bill. We’ve decided to have another meeting and you get ready to expound your ideas.
A: OK, I will.