Interior Meeting

A: Miss Piao, I want to arrange a meeting of the management team next Wednesday. Can you draft a notice and make some preparations for the meeting?
B: Sure. Can you tell me what the purpose of the meeting is?
A: This meeting is to fix the details for the new product press. Basically we’ll get three issues to decide: firstly the date, secondly the location and finally the conference facilities.
B: I see.
A: The agenda should be prepared before the meeting; and then you should ensure that those entitled to be present are properly informed.
B: OK, how about the documents and the information?
A: All the necessary documents and the information relevant to the meeting should be available, preferably printed and distributed before the meeting.
B: OK, I hope you’ll check it over after I’ve finished the notice.

A: Good morning, let’s call the meeting to order. I’m Su Yu, the dean of the Secretary Department, I’m very glad to hold the meeting.
B: Good morning.
A: We’re here today to discuss the details about the new product press. Any questions?
B: No, go ahead please.
A: I’ve asked Miss Piao to lay out the main points of the agenda. Here’re the handouts.
B: Very good. We can know the process clearly.
A: Then let’s discuss about it, and finally invite the general manager to make a conclusion. Please join me in welcoming the general manager.
C: Good morning, everyone. Please speak plainly.
A: If nobody has anything to add, we can close the meeting.